Were going to poll our legit readers. Now that Captivate 2012 happened and new info has surfaced, let us know what you think of the new Devil May Cry.

Capcom says:

“Detailing Dante’s early years and set against a contemporary backdrop, DmC Devil May Cry™ will retain the stylish action, fluid combat and self-assured protagonist that have defined the iconic series but inject a more brutal and visceral edge. The Dante of DmC is a young man who has no respect for authority or society in general. Dante knows that he is not human, but also that he is not like the demons that have tormented him throughout his life. Caught between worlds, he feels like an outcast.

He is now discovering and coming to terms with what it means to be the child of a demon and an angel. This split personality has a real impact on gameplay with Dante being able to call upon angel and demon abilities at will, transforming his Rebellion sword on the fly to dramatically affect both combat and movement.”

We Say:

Were concerned with first his appearance like the other Devil May Cry fans, but also were open to the new game-play elements featured in the game.  How will the combo system respond? What about the new weapons? Only time will tell. The scythe does look like it will make for a formidable weapon indeed. Ninja Theory has done an adequate job so far with the fighting in its earlier outings, but they will really have to kick it to the next level if the company is going to hold onto the trusted DMC name. There’s no multiplayer in this. Were not complaining, but the gameplay must hold our interest long enough. Maybe Devil May Cry will feature survival challenges and such. An Old School Dante costume unlock, yeah that sounds right.

This is some good news. The game’s staff includes members of Capcom who have worked on earlier entries of the series. Hopefully their experience will help. We look forward to playing through the origin of Dante, but were 50/50 with this particular telling of the story.

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