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The Resident Evil franchise has been a pillar of zombie influenced gaming for years, It has been one of the most main stream pieces of bread and butter from Capcom for over a decade. In recent years capcom has become infamous in letting other companies do the dirty work when it comes to side story games like this one.

So who do I blame when it comes to operation raccoon city’s faults. Slant Six Studios? Even though they have a cool name and decent logo, this company has been great at ruining games since day one. They killed Socom now they set their greedy eyes on resident evil. You put in this game and know capcom is not making it. So basically you have a pre-conceived notion that its going to be at least decent right? I mean every dog has their day right? Wrong. It really boils down to the games wonky aim and shoot mechanics. They added a cover system and blind firing that will remind players of gears, but still it needs work also. But on a good note, the close range combat system is pretty cool. Each character has their own moves, but eventually it does get repetitive.

Something to phone home about is the graphics of this game, they are great. The zombies look detailed, the characters look crisp. Other than that, this game is the one of the most glitch filled titles I have played in over 10 years. This game must have been coded inside the bathroom of MIT during a kegger that I was probably invited to. Enemies glitch all over the screen, sometimes when your shooting they disappear and suddenly reappear. Lickers, who have the ability to stick to walls and walk above you, get stuck making them easy targets. The worst one we noticed was in the campaign mode. I was fighting a Tyrant. The creature would randomly multiply and disappear. Pretty messed up if you ask me. When forced to pay the new game price for anything we would expect a game to be complete. This game is truly a testament to slant six and their failings as game designers and shameful for capcom to even consider these people associates.

The characters in this game are decent but nothing too cool. You get 12 new people to the franchise and some unlockable classic characters like Leon, Clare, Jill, and hunk. So to put this in brass tax this is resident evil mercenaries with a few more game play elements. The campaign mode gives you the option to do a private run through or you can co-op with random people online not bad but if you chose private you get bad A.I computers helping you and 90% of the time your mowing down enemies alone more fun that way (my opinion). This game truly has potential if some things could get ironed out. The story is fun not going to lie but if capcom booted up their computers and cranked out some effort, added some RE5 jazz to it this game would be off the chain.

It brings us to this point. What does Trucker Ninja have to say about this game? If you want a complete game with graphics to set a bar and a combat system that is epicly amazing, go buy gears of war 3. If you want a game that is kinda fun in the mowing down zombies sense and you can deal with the glitches, rent this game. Hopefully Capcom will make RE6 something that would be game of the year worthy and restore confidence in this capcom fan. If one is to pay full price for a game, one should expect a company’s full effort and expect nothing less.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Gets


Out of Five

What’s legit?


+Story line

What’s Perpetrating?

-The biggest glitch filled game of 2012 (thus far)

-CQC system repetitive

-Lack of Challenge

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