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Hybrid takes Tekken Tag tournament, The Blood Vengeance Flick, and a demo of Tekken Tag 2. This seems like a substantial amount of content for 40 dollars. Is hybrid worth that amount? Yes and no. Either way, Its a really good idea on paper.

Tag Tourney HD has received a resolution cleanup, but I have to say the upgrade could have been a little better. MGS and ICO HD collections both impress despite their age. That’s not to say the game-play has downsized, it is the same from 2000. Tekken’s addictive style is still here, Bowling included. Playing locally can squeeze even more fun out of this one. Sadly, that really is the only way to go this time. Theres no online offered in the game at all. Too many HD updates and sequels provide this feature to give Hybrid a pass. None the less, this is the portion of Hybrid that will receive the most playtime. This being the bulk of the collection, from a game this old, makes it hard to drop the full amount. From the outside looking in Tekken Hybrid seems to offer way more content than it actually does.

Blood Vengeance is serviceable. The movie centers around Xiaoyu and Alisa. Each girl working for a different organization. One controlled by Jin, the other ran by Kazuya. Both are being used to lure a young man named shin to either family member. SPOILER ALERT: Shin holds the key to immortality. For obvious reasons, you can see why they both are in pursuit. The final half hour to me is nothing short of bad-ass. The lead up could have been way more satisfying, but it was pretty cool how the movie set the stage for the next Tekken game. Maybe even a little better than its playable prologue.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 prologue is a glorified demo. Normally when someone puts on a demo, the fun lasts for maybe a couple of plays right? You know because it’s just a little taste. Well that’s the same thing here. While Hybrid boasts Prologue as being one of the main parts on the disk, really it should have been an Easter egg. It has great graphics, and gameplay but with only 4 playable characters, it’s not going to cut it as an advertised feature.

As a whole this was a good idea. Three pieces of Tekken in one. Somethings aren’t always as they appear, and sadly this is the case for Tekken Hybrid. Again, vets will most likely purchase. As for me, ill wait on Tekken Prime and the full Tag 2 in 2012.

Tekken Hybrid gets MF MF MF out of five

What’s Legit?

+The final 30 minutes of the movie really delivers

+Tekken Tag Tournament 1 still has great gameplay

+Tekken Bowl

What’s Perpetrating?

-Like the Film packaged with Hybrid, Tag 2 Prologue will get a few plays before its forgotten.

-The HD upgrade could have been better in Tag 1.

-The replay value doesn’t match up with the price tag.

-No Online

*Go Buckeyes! *Cannot stop playing Batman: AC and NBA 2K12. *I like great games and hate fan-boys.

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